App Class Reference

#include <app.h>

Public Member Functions

 App (Core &core)
virtual void inputMessageReceived (InputEventPtr inputEvent)
virtual void windowMessageReceived (WindowEventPtr windowEvent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseApp
 BaseApp (nap::Core &core)
virtual ~BaseApp ()=default
 BaseApp (BaseApp &)=delete
BaseAppoperator= (const BaseApp &)=delete
 BaseApp (BaseApp &&)=delete
BaseAppoperator= (BaseApp &&)=delete
virtual bool init (utility::ErrorState &error)
virtual void update (double deltaTime)
virtual void render ()
virtual bool shutdownRequested ()
virtual int shutdown ()
void quit ()
const nap::CoregetCore () const
nap::CoregetCore ()
bool shouldQuit () const

Detailed Description

The default NAP application. Derive from this object to receive mouse, keyboard and window events. Override inputMessageReceived to receive mouse and keyboard events. Override windowMessageReceived to receive window events. This class works in conjunction with an AppEventHandler which polls and forwards incoming system messages.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ App()

App ( Core core)

Member Function Documentation

◆ inputMessageReceived()

virtual void inputMessageReceived ( InputEventPtr  inputEvent)

Called when the system receives an input event

inputEventthe received input event

◆ windowMessageReceived()

virtual void windowMessageReceived ( WindowEventPtr  windowEvent)

Called when the system receives a window event

windowEventthe event that contains the window information