NAP Framework

Connect Everything

Create dynamic content for high resolution screens, build your own laser software or control a robot on stage. NAP provides the tools for you - or lets you write your own.

By merging game engine technology with the flexibility of a creative coding environment, NAP puts challenging software development at the core of the creative process. Fully compliant with the C++ 11 standard, NAP is designed for extremely fast iteration times, yet providing a modular workflow that focuses on real time flexibility.


The need for advanced software development within the creative industry is growing rapidly and often extends beyond the screen. Intuitive collaboration with designers, animators and developers is more important than ever before. With its modular design, easy to manage codebase and emphasis on real time control, NAP takes away the obstacles that prevents developers from being productive.

Data Driven

NAP is fully data driven and heavily influenced by modern game engine design, but with one exception: it does not dictate any sort of pipeline. Everything is modular and moldable. Decide for yourself how and when you want to render graphics, interact with sound or which hardware devices to interface with.

Completely Modular

NAP allows you to create your own pipeline and offers as little fixed functionality as possible. You can use building blocks from a variety of modules, including a 3D render engine, flexible audio engine, threaded video, immediate GUI, support for MIDI / OSC / Art-Net protocols and much more.

Cross Platform

No operating system limitations: NAP is completely cross-platform and supports all modern desktop environments. NAP takes advantage of CMake to build, package and ship only what you need on Windows, MacOS and Linux. This keeps your applications lean and mean.

Responsive, Stable & Durable

NAP is optimized for extremely fast iteration times. Hot-load content changes directly into your application and experience the intuitive freedom of direct feedback. Automatic data validation ensures stability and safety. NAP's easy to manage codebase encourages writing reusable code for future projects.